Friday, May 18, 2007

Mister Angelos Screws the Nats

More MASN bullcrap, and another reminder that the Nationals still have the ugly hand of the ogre up north in their affairs.

This is the Baltimore MASN broadcast...

O's" and "WSH" are on the graphic scoreboard. Typical Baltimore "we're-a-regional-team" baloney. Nothing new here.

Now look at the Nationals MASN2/DCA 20 broadcast...

"O's" and "Nats." I mean, that's either insulting or patronizing. I can't decide which.

Both "O's/Nats" and "O's/WSH" are silly on their own. Referring to one team but not another by their city is presumptuous and snobby. That's nothing new for the Baltimore team. Changing the nomenclature of the Nationals on the graphics just for the Baltimore series is even more silly.

But having one on each broadcast is demeaning.

It's minor aesthetic thing. But it's a prime example of why I and other Nationals fans hate the Baltimore franchise, their management, ownership and their sham TV network. (And at the same time, a lot of us don't mind the team and a majority of their fans.)

Yet another reason that while the Baltimore franchise control the Nationals TV rights, Washington does not have a truly independent baseball team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good thing we didn't get swept. It's bad enough reading The WASHINGTON Post with it's close to equal coverage of the HOME and AWAY, GOOD vs. EVIL Teams. If we were swept, how would they handle that one?

8:09 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

I'm sorry, I know this post is almost a year old, but you're not the only one who hates Peter Angelos.

Everyone in Baltimore, an O's fan or not, hates Peter Angelos as an awful owner or a sleazeball lawyer who made his millions profiting off of other's misfortune for asbestos contamination.

Your post makes it seem as though Orioles as a team and the Orioles' fans had something to do with the nomenclature of the Nats scoreboard appearance.

Trust me, we didn't.

I wish just as much as you that our games were still back on Comcast Sports Net - even then there were more games broadcast in HD.

8:54 PM  

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