Saturday, April 21, 2007


(My stupid computer froze and ate an almost finished post. You'd think with my infrequent blogging, the blogger gods would make it easy for me to get a post up. But noooooooooo...)

Last night the Rocket family spent much of the evening taking in the ballgame on the tube, taking advantage of the fact that Dad didn't have to get up at an ungodly hour for work. Little Rockette conked out pretty early, and we finally put her in bed with her pjs on around 10:30, sometime after a few extra innings.

Like Wednesday night, I had to decide how long to stay up and see if the Nats could save Cordero's bacon. After all, with the baby fast asleep, I needed to take advantage of my window to get some sleep of my own.

At the beginning of the 13th, I decided that this would be my last inning. Well next thing I knew, I was waking up on the couch around 11:45 pm with Ray Knight's ugly mug staring at me. I missed Snelling's heroics, as the Nats bailed out the Chief again.

There are a lot of things you could probably say about this one. Shawn Hill - yay. Nats hitters - yay (mostly). Chad Cordero - boo. Manny double-switching Cordero into the eighth spot - huh? (Even if there was a good reason, it sure would have been nice to have someone other than the pitcher up there with men on base.)

But the thing I'll remember is how Friday was the first time I've seen Zimmerman outwardly frustrated, at least this year. Maybe I haven't watched as many games as usual, but he really has seemed fairly unflappable about his slow start. (Even the state-run media has picked up on it.)

So it came as a surprise to me when after Zimm struck out looking in the third inning on an admittedly borderline call, he turned to the ump and jawed at him a little. Then, walking back to the dugout, he appeared to say to himself, "That was a f#$%ing ball. F#$%ing horse$#*&!!" Then, after Joe Borchard hauled in a well struck ball in right field in the top of the eighth, you could see Zimm scream "G*ddammit!" as he rounded first.

(Then there's Cordero, a normally level-headed kid, who screamed "F#$% me!" to himself after Ross's game tying homer in the ninth.)

Is the frustration catching up with Zimm (and Chief)? It'd be totally understandable, but these are guys who are say the right things and are normally pretty level-headed.

I'm just grateful everyone else is doing a pretty good job of picking up their slack.


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