Thursday, July 13, 2006

OK, he can stay

...for now. (You may have noticed I took down the "Fire Me" banner.)

I'm going to reserve final judgement under the assumption that more deals are coming -- which is almost undoubtedly going to be the case.

But on the surface, it looks like Bowden just fleeced his old team.

Basically, we got Kearns and Lopez and change (Wagner) for Majewski and Bray and change (Harris, Clayton, Thompson). Kearns and Lopez are both young and have proven talent. And although we'll miss Bray and Majewski, the trade sure looks like a steal. (I pity the poor Reds fans who think they're getting something worthwhile in Clayton.)

But the trade also confuses me about the direction of the franchise. Aren't we the franchise that should be hoarding young pitchers? If we're building for the future, shouldn't we keep guys like Majewski and Bray? Even Daryl Thompson, although he's recovering from injuries, could be someone to watch in a few years. It's not like we have a lot of these guys to be dealing. Then again, many subscribe to the school of thought that "There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect," due to the fact that a pitcher's development is so complex and hard to predict.

But, like Chris says, relievers are replaceable. And it's not like we're trying to win this year. Lopez and Kearns can be a big part of a contending team in the next few years, and we have plenty of time between now and then to round the relief pitching corps.

I know the Reds made this deal because they view themselves as contenders who "buyers", needing to shore up their bullpen. But this doesn't come across as a "selling" move by the Nationals. We received quite a bit and didn't give up all that much. Pitchers can implode and self-destruct - while Kearns and Lopez are young, talented and under club control through 2008.

We know one thing for an almost certainty: There are more trades coming, and things should make more sense after that. Soriano, Guillen, Livan, Vidro could all still be flipped for propects, hopefully including a few high-end ones.

But if things don't make sense after the trades are done, and JimBo has been wheeling and dealing without some semblance of strategy -- then the "Fire Me" banner goes back up.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why God, Why?

Why the hell should I care about a team that's going to be run by this crazy-ass douchebag?

We all know Bowden is a Grade A brown-noser. I guess our only hope is that his lips are glued so firmly to Kasten's ass that he follows Kasten's vision to the letter.

It could happen; sucking up to the Lerners is how he got the job in the first place.

I'm still $#!*-ing pissed.