Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I think he wants to go back to ACC basketball...

Barry gets it...

"Escobar, called up from the minors Saturday, has a history of injuries, and some in the clubhouse looked at this as a sign that he couldn't handle pain. Escobar had three hits in his first eight at-bats back in the majors, but the team did not recall an outfielder because, as Bowden said, they need 'pitching, pitching, pitching.'"

See Chris's for a more detailed rant.

Last year I was pissed if I missed a game. This year, I'm almost glad I'm too busy to follow this joke of a team from day to day.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bring Your Muskets And Your Courage

* with apologies to Ball-Wonk's post of 3/24/06

I'm out of town all weekend. I can't take advantage of Lord Angelos's magnanimous decree that Washington can watch on TV all three games vs. his hated Orioles. So...

Calling all Son and Daughters of Washington: Bring your muskets and courage to RFK this weekend. And give the bayonet to any Baltimoron who insists on disrespecting our anthem with that stupid "O".

Saturday, May 13, 2006

This isn't funny anymore

First Griffey's dinger in Thursday's chokejob, and now this?

This team is making it very, very difficult for their fans to still care.

I would not argue if Kasten and Lerners wanted to completely remake this team, from the front office to the last man on the bench. (Especially the front office.)

Friday, May 05, 2006


I'm not sure who actually reads my blog, if anyone, outside of the little circle of freaks in the Natosphere. But truth be told, I consider the Nationals fans online to be another circle of friends in my life, despite the fact I have met practically none of them in person. So I feel like it's more than appropriate to update my friends on the major changes that are developing in my life.

As some of you may know, my sleepy little job at a publisher in Fairfax was downsized early in 2006. In early April I accepted a conditional offer for a political position back in the crazy world of Washington, DC. I began the job this past Monday, and I'm still getting used to my new schedule. I do know, however, that the job will be much more hectic than my previous job which allowed me to post online quite often. In addition, commuting in from the hinterlands of Prince William County will add at least a couple of hours to my professional workday.

During the 2005 season, the big impending personal milestone was my October wedding. Well, there will be another big personal milestone in 2006. In mid-December, another Nationals fan will be brought into the world. We learned about a month ago that Mrs. Rocket is pregnant.

Given the state of the Nationals on-the-field right now, I'm not sure it's fair to a child to indoctrinate him/her to be a Nationals fan. But, like most of us, I'm optimistic the new owners will get things shaped up, hopefully in time for Little Rocket(te)'s first game.

Anyways, I'm sure it's fairly apparent my plate just got really full for the foreseeable future. I'm not going to shut down the blog; I just may not post very often. I'll be around, just not as often as before. My appearances online will probably be similar in frequency to other parent members of the Natosphere like DM or Brandon.

So, that's it. Life throws you major changes all the time; I just happened to get two of them in the span of about three weeks!

Fire Bowden.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It's about damn time!

And the DC racebaiters can shut the hell up. What makes Rodney Slater and James Brown "rent-a-blacks" and Eric Holder (Smulyan) and Colin Powell (Malek) legitimate partners? The District of Columbia and its politics are ridiculous, and politicians like Barry and Orange know that blustery rhetoric like this will keep them in office. It's a damn shame.

But we have an owner, and they're going to have to live with Lerner. If the details in the Post article about the Lerners are accurate, I think he'll make a fine owner, who improves the fan experience while trying to field a winner. That's leaps and bounds ahead of our present status.