Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pack your bags, Jim and Tony!

Since the news of the Lerners as new owners broke around noon on WUSA, the report has been challenged by Major League Baseball and Jeff Smulyan. Below are my updates.

UPDATE 3: On WUSA's 5 p.m. news, Brett Haber is standing by his story, saying MLB simply wants to control the news cycle. Haber says he has confidence in his two sources. Smulyan was not mentioned as a source, but as someone who had also heard the news.

UPDATE 2: Smulyan now denies confirming the Lerners as the new owners. But two things should be noted here. First, Smulyan doesn't exactly deny what WUSA reported that he said. Second, as an ownership candidate, he has every incentive to suck up to MLB. If he still wants a shot to get the team, he has to deny his role in any leak.

UPDATE 1: Now Bob DuPuy has issued a statement calling WUSA's report "baseless" and "there will be an official announcement when the decision is made."

That probably guarantees we won't have an announcement this week, since MLB likes to control information, and they'll hold off just to stick it to WUSA.

Since an ownership candidate is a source for the report, I tend to think that WUSA got a scoop here. But given MLB's statement, we now have to take it with a grain of salt.

My original post is below.

Let's all welcome our new Lerner overlords!

And may the Lerners and Stan Kasten spare no one (Bowden and Tavares) in whipping this franchise into shape.

NOTE: WUSA seems to be the only news outlet willing to report the story. But since Smulyan, an ownership candidate, is a source for the story, I tend to believe it.


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At the very least I hope they replace Bowden with an inanimate carbon rod

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