Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You had to prove it to the crowd

This is what happens while I'm being a good newlywed husband by spending time with Mrs. Rocket away from the internet, radio and ESPN. The Soriano situation came to a climax a little after 6 p.m. last night, and I didn't learn about it until this morning. In the meantime, just about everyone has already commented on the situation.

-- Capitol Punishment explores the options that Soriano and the Nationals have in front of them. (EDIT: Chris has updated with a reluctant defense of Soriano.)
-- BallWonk says the Nats might be forced to be second base polygamists.
-- The Beltway Boys says Soriano won this round and Bowden is the villain.
-- Curly W goes ballistic on Bowden, further endearing himself to my heart.
-- The Distinguished Senator is ready to rumble.
-- Federal Baseball spins a sordid tale of lust and passion.
-- Just A Nats Fan has a guest reporter from Viera.
-- The Nats Enquirer wants Soriano gone now.
-- The Nats Blog wants Bowden and Soriano gone.
-- Triple Play misses Wilkie, but laments he has to side with Bowden.
-- Oleanders blames Bowden.

Since I'm late to the party (again!) I won't try to pull something originial out of my hat.

This situation is just plain weird, though. There are no good guys, just like there are no good guys in the Comcast-MASN battle or like there were no good guys in the D.C. Council-MLB battle.

Soriano deserves our scorn and derision for refusing to take the field last night. By deserting his teammates last night, he became a poster boy for what the American public hates in prima-donna spoiled professional athletes. His culpability should not be understated.

However, there is one guy who could have prevented all this. And of course that man is our resident genius GM, Mr. James Bowden. As Sheinin reported yesterday, Bowden was refused the chance to Soriano before the trade went through. But Genius Boy wanted to do the trade anyways.

And today, the league-run news source reported that Soriano said to Bowden, "[Not getting permission] should have told you something."

Again, Bowden had to have been aware of all this. Yet he and his overblown machismo thought his powers of persuasion were greater than anyone on the Yankees or Rangers who had already tried to persuade Soriano to switch to LF. Bowden ignored Soriano's plainly obvious history, and for that he should never be employed in sports again.

Bowden said that Soriano will have one more chance on Wednesday to play left field before the team requests that he be placed on the disqualified list, suspending him without pay and without free agent service time.

Frankly, Soriano doesn't need a second chance. I highly doubt he'll change his mind, but if he does, after the stunt he pulled last night, he will be ruthlessly booed the first time he sets foot on the field at RFK. This team, as weak as it already is, doesn't need that kind of clubhouse strife. The Nats need to non-tender Soriano or trade him for the best offer they can get, even if it's a half-eaten chorizo and dixie cup of warm Blue Moon.

And kick Bowden's carcass out onto the Beltway with these parting words. "If you want an outfielder, f---ing trade for one, you stupid ass!"


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Did Schneider forget to shave in that picture or take a slide in the dirt?

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Congrats on the marriage!

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