Friday, March 03, 2006

¡Yo tengo dolor en mi muñeca, pendejo!

So, it looks like Guillen is out until at least June with a wrist injury. Wheeee. This is really bad news, the loss of a major offensive piece.

Assuming the second opinion doesn't change anything, this makes the Soriano/outfield situation even more dire. If Alfonso doesn't eventually agree to move the left field, we have exactly zero starting outfielders set in stone.

As it is, one would hope that Ryan Church finally gets his chance to be a starter, presumably in right field. That leaves big question marks to fill the other outfield slot, such as Brandon Watson or Michael Tucker.

Good work by Bodes. Good work trading away Brad Wilkerson without asking if what you were getting in return would even play the outfield. Now we get to see if he'll go sniffing around the Reds for another outfielder falling into the "toolsy" category. Or God forbid, Sammy Sooser.

At this rate, it might be smarter to just put on the field the Chinese National Team who got spanked by Japan last night.


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