Wednesday, March 08, 2006

In like a lion...

Well, it's been an interesting beginning to the month of March, that's for sure. As usual, I've been sorely delinquent in chronicling my thoughts on the goings-on in the world of the Nats and baseball in general.

We learned last Friday that Guillen was lost for the first half of the year. (I actually wrote about that!) When combined with the loss of Lawrence for the year and the continuing saga of Soriano, that was devastating news. Over the weekend, we got some sorely needed good news; a second opinion revealed that Guillen just needed about two weeks of rehab. Unbelievably huge bit of good news.

Then on Sunday, we learned that MLB signed off the emergency lease document passed in February, with a few caveats. Many of our resident fanboys popped champagne corks, but I wasn't ready to celebrate until the D.C. Council signed off on the caveats.

Last night, they finally got it done. The Council passed a construction contract and reaffirmed the lease deal, effectively erasing all doubt that the Nationals would get a permanent home in the District.

Maybe I'm just immune from the pain of the past, but I honestly don't feel anything. It's like "That's nice, do you want a cookie for finally doing the right thing?!" Kinda like Nate's theory of congratulating Bowden when he doesn't crap his pants. (I can't find the link. Maybe it was Ryan's theory. Who freakin' knows?)

From a city management point of view, I don't blame the Council for balking at all this. Major League Baseball are a bunch of monopolist money grubbers. But I want baseball and I don't feel like giving anyone any credit for getting around to finally finishing this mess.

So can we have a (non-Smulyan) owner now? Maybe an owner can get us a REAL TV deal.


Speaking of fake TV deals, MASN has a website up now.

Straight from the horse's ass:

"Since at least 1981, the Orioles have had exclusive rights to the 7-state television territory. In 2004, Major League Baseball announced the relocation of the Montreal Expos to Washington, D.C. The Orioles objected to the relocation of the Expos to within 35 miles of Oriole Park in Baltimore. Among other things, the Expos/Nationals had no television territory within which to telecast its games. In today's world, no baseball franchise could viably exist without a television territory and television rights revenues. The Orioles, the Nationals and Major League Baseball all understood this reality. The Orioles appreciated that a baseball team in the nation's capitol needed to be on television and agreed to share its exclusive television territory with the Nationals."

Alright, just shut up.

Using the words "at least" shows they haven't figured out exactly when this imaginary, made-up exclusive right to TV rights in the region began.

Oh and by the way, the Mister Angelos Screws the Nationals website has a comment form.

(Just my freaking luck. Five months after I move out of Fairfax County, Cox Cable adds the Nats games.)


Watching the WBC game between the Dominican Republic and Venezuela yesterday, I heard Harold Reynolds and John Kruk speculate that Soriano will not move to left field under any circumstances.

I don't know how right they'll turn out to be, but I think I've begun to be pretty indifferent on my opinion of Soriano. He's been a stubborn guy long before D.C. ever had a team. He's resisted left field before, and he even jonesed his way out of a contract to play in Japan.

But the onus was on Bowden to know all that. Like Reynolds and Kruk said, why trade for a second baseman when you already have one!? The new owners must ship Bowden back to Cold Pizza the minute they have control of the team.


As for the WBC, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the US beat Mexico yesterday. Jake Peavy was filthy good, and it was the pitching that made up for some shaky American defense. Schneider caught a majority of the game, and it was really cool to see Chief in his USA duds pitch a dominating 1-2-3 fifth inning.

I went to a World Cup qualifying match in 2001, and it was a blast. I knew very little about soccer, but I wanted to wrap myself in the flag and dance and sing like a soccer nut. The WBC games I watched yesterday seemed to have a similar atmosphere, and I think that freaking rules.

I do hope the WBC succeeds and evolves to the point where it becomes an important part of the MLB season, rather than something that's a sidenote to spring training.


Blogger Carl said...

I remember back in the late fall, Karl Ravich was talking to Jayson Stark on "Baseball Tonight" about potential off-season moves. Ravich asked about Soriano, and Stark said "I think he ends up with the Nationals." No explanation as to why or how. That was the first I'd heard it even suggested; my exact thought was, "Why would they do that? We already have a second baseman."

I am increasingly convinced that Bowden was watching that same show, and said "If Jayson Stark says it, it MUST be a great idea!" and ran to the phone to call Texas.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Nate said...

I'm pretty sure not giving Bowden a cookie when he refrains from crapping his pants is Ryan's shtick. But thanks for thinking of me. I think Bowden took one look at Soriano, judged that he was F***'N TOOLSY (glove notwithstanding) and decided he must have him at any cost. At this point, I'm actually hoping J.B. stays in D.C. until I get a chance to creep up behind him with a lead pipe and a shovel.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Nate said...

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11:30 AM  

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