Monday, February 13, 2006

When your luck is battin' zero

So Bowden went and did it... He sold Jamey Carroll to the Rockies for $300K, further convincing me that Bowden needs to be shipped out of town as soon as possible.

Let's be clear, I'm not pissed about losing Carroll the player. What does fill me with murderous rage, however, are two things.

First: Losing Jamey Carroll the person is an big blow to the organization. As I've pointed out before, one of the few entries I've written that's worth reading describes the encounter with Carroll that solidified in my mind the value he brings to a team as a human being.

Carroll does what he's asked on the field, without complaining. Unlike one particular player who Bowden lusted after, before trading another gritty player for him. He runs hard to first base and chokes up on the bat. And he was always the first Nat on the field after the opponents batting practice. Carroll was one of the reasons the Nats were so likeable. Now, just like Wilkerson, he's been let go by our resident genius GM.

Second reason why I'm stifling my murderous desire to impale Bowden on the Washington Monument: The ONLY reason Carroll was squeezed off the bench is because Bowden felt the inexplicable need to sign eighty gazillion infielders to guaranteed major league deals.

I'm not buying Bowden's BS about how Jamey wasn't a "good fit" or he "didn't drive in enough runs and some in the organization felt that he was not good enough defensively to replace a player like Guzman." Please!

How much of an improvement are Royce Clayton, Marlon Anderson, Damian Jackson, Robert Fick, Matt LeCroy or Bernie Castro going to be over a guy like Carroll. Maybe one of these guys will break out, but it's not like Bowden has a master plan for all this. He's just spraying shots all over the board, hoping he'll get lucky. And his dumb haphazard jackassedness has cost the Nats one of the true good guys of the game.

Speaking of dumb jackassedness, since Cap'n Leatherpants couldn't be bothered to sell Carroll before signing Matt LeCroy, he went and exposed Darrell Rasner to waivers, who was of course claimed by the Yankees. Rasner now joins Sunny Kim as shining examples of how Bowden doesn't know how to think two steps ahead of himself.

At least it looks like Sammy Sosa's misplaced pride may save the Nats from more of Bowden's stupidity.

EDIT 9:19 AM: Must-read - Triple Play Nate's brilliant Nats short story, "The Long Pitch Good-bye." (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)


Blogger Jeff Pioquinto,SJ said...

nice blog. just passing by. thanks.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Basil said...

He's just spraying shots all over the board

That was just an absolute invitation for a Cheney-hunting joke, wasn't it? ;-)

Nice tribute to Jamey; we'll all miss him. Watch him hit .340 or something for Colorado, just because.

12:31 PM  

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