Friday, February 03, 2006

Depths of Mediocrity

So Cap'n Leatherpants grasped at another straw yesterday, signing Royce Clayton to a minor league contract. While some hail this as the end of the Guzman era, the rest of us just wonder what the hell PT Bowden thinks he's accomplishing.

The four blog entries I linked to above neatly sum up what the problem here is. OK, even Bowden knows that Guzman sucked last year. Sucked bad. I think he hit around .220 for the year, and that was after his September surge. Say Guzzy hits around what he's capable of -- perhaps about .265. Is Clayton going to be any better? No, not really. OMG gives us an appropriate Simpsons metaphor for whole situation.

And like Brandon at Curly W points out -- our middle infield depth chart is like half a dozen players deep. That normally might be a nice problem to have, but when you're choosing among Damian Jackson, Marlon Anderson, Jamey Carroll, Royce Clayton, Christian Guzman -- not to mention the Vidro/Soriano outfield vs. second base debacle -- I mean, it's almost like trying to choose between Ron Darling and Rob Dibble as TV color men. You just can't win.

Besides, do we really want a guy who Dennis Quaid struck out on three pitches?

Quaid stares does Clayton
JUNE 30, 2006 -- With the game on the line in the bottom of the eleventh inning, Tampa Bay reliever Dennis Quaid strikes out Washington's Royce Clayton to secure the Tarpons' first win of the season.

Then again, Guzman would probably find a way to look even more pathetic against a guy like Quaid.


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