Friday, January 20, 2006

I have a blog?

It's been a looong time, hasn't it. Do we even still have a team?

Seriously, I haven't been ignoring the Nats. But between a newlywed first Christmas and a lot of work to do, I've just been too busy to write about it.

I won't try to give a recap of the many events I've missed, since if you're a reader of this blog, you probably also frequent the many other (better) Nat blogs out there.

But here are some thoughts that floated through my little mind as events have unfolded this off-season.

The Stadium

I care tremendously about what happens here, but I can't bring myself to get emotionally involved with the ins and outs our current debacle with MLB and the DC Council. MLB has proven that monopolies are bad. And the DC Council has put forth the best argument yet against home rule for the District.

But all you need to remember is that Bud Selig is a National Disgrace.

Jamey Carroll

Despite what Evil Basil (is there any other kind?) might say, I'm glad the guy is coming back. I gained a ton of respect for the guy after a July game against the Astros. That encounter led to one of the few blog posts I've done that is actually worth reading.

Michael Tucker

Why oh why did we sign him? I'm sure he's a fine guy, but where will we use him. With Marlon Byrd, Damian Jackson, Robert Fick, Marlon Anderson and all the other bench players we have, why even waste money on the guy? Bowden Delenda Est.

New Coaches

I like just about everything here.

Mitchell Page, the former St. Louis Cardinals' hitting coach, was promoted from AAA New Orleans to be the Nats hitting coach. He was highly respected with the Cards, but he fell out of favor because of alcohol problems. He's said to be doing better, and giving him a chance with DC is a great move.

Davey Lopes is a good call for first base coach. He knew how to swipe a bag in his day, and perhaps a few less baserunners will get picked off this year. Bringing Tony Beasley (3rd base coach) into the system is a great move. He has a fantastic record of managing in the minor leagues and could be a candidate for a promotion once Frank retires.

Brian Schneider and Nick Johnson

Two of my favorite players avoided arbitration and agreed to contracts with the Nats. Johnson signed only for one year, with incentives added if he plays a certain amount of games. I always was fond of Nick, who is probably the quietest guy on the team.

Schneider signs for four years at about $16 million. It's a perfect length contract for him, one that runs out when he starts to get a little too long in the tooth. He's a great defensive catcher and is adequate at the plate. Great move.

Alfonso Soriano and Brad Wilkerson

Fonzie went to arbitration and is asking for $12 million. We offered him $10 million. He can go screw himself.

Wilkerson, who some say we traded in part because he might be difficult to resign, agreed to a $3.9 million deal with Texas! Is Soriano worth $8 million more than Brad Wilkerson? No effing way. Bowden Delenda Est!

Sammy Sosa

Please God, no! Apparently, we're still going after Sosa. Bringing him in to Spring Training on a non-roster invite for very little guaranteed money would be a hard thing to turn down.

But we can't devote a single guaranteed red cent to him. Even then, he had an abysmal 2005, not to mention the fact that he just passed Frank on the all-time home run list. Frankie's been known to be real sensitive about his place in history. Do you really want to put an alleged steroid user in the clubhouse with him? We already have enough potential clubhouse problems with Soriano.

So that's what I think, if anyone still cares. I'll be at home sharpening my pitchfork, in case an angry mob assembles to move against Jim Bowden, Bud Selig, Bob DuPuy, Peter Angelos, Jerry Reinsdorf, Adrian Fenty or Marion Barry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If by some accident of fate those seven men were assembled together in one place, I think the earth would crack open and engulf them in a plume of lava, in a spontaneous spasm of geological disgust. (That's how I'm picturing it, anyway).

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