Thursday, December 08, 2005

While I Was Sleeping

Brad can field. Fonzie can't.

I'm sure you've all noticed by now that Jim Bowden, in his infinite wisdom, has traded Brad Wilkerson, Terrmel Sledge and Armando Galarraga to the Texas Rangers for Alfonso Soriano.

My first impression. Wow! Not necessarily a good "wow" or a bad "wow," but just "Wow."

The ramifications of this deal have already been tossed around by the vast members of the Natosphere. (Getting married turned me into a responsible working adult that goes to bed early. Yawn.) The reactions range from downright scornful to jubilation, with most people falling somewhere in the middle.

The trade is not the worst thing ever. Soriano is a better power hitter than Brad, but Wilk is vastly superior to Fonzie with the glove. Sledge is coming off a horrendous injury, and Galarraga might become a 3rd or 4th starter at best.

But why do it? Soriano will make about $5 million more than Wilk next year. Is a bit of power at the expense of a lot of defense really worth that much money? Soriano hit 36 homers last year, but that was in an extreme hitter's park. Can he even crack the 20 HR barrier in RFK Canyon? Soriano is a free swinger who's not as good of a contact hitter as Wilk.

Soriano is also best acquainted defensively with second base. But wait? Don't we already have a three-time all star? Never fear, it's being reported that Soriano will move to the outfield. But he doesn't want to play outfield, and Soriano has been known to be sullen.

So JimBo just traded for another mediocre defensive 2B who doesn't want to play outfield. But we frickin need pitching, dammit! JimBo said so himself. Right now, we only have four starters, and that assumes that Drese is healthy and serviceable.

Now, if either Church or Vidro are shipped out for pitching, we can revisit this deal as maybe an excellent one. But for now, we gave up our biggest trading pieces for a guy that may create more problems than he solves.

It's not the worst deal ever, but I don't see how it improves the team that much. JimBo filled a moderate need (power and speed) by creating another (too many 2B), while all the while ignoring our biggest need (pitching).

Why would Boston even consider hiring this guy?


Blogger Nate said...

The ramifications of this deal have already been tossed around by the vast members of the Natosphere.

Are you calling me fat? ;-)

8:09 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Nice blog man. I'm also a baseball fan. I guess everytime I want to know something about the Nats i'll come here. I am a braves fan though. haha

8:19 PM  
Blogger Rocket1124 said...

Hey, thanks Jeff. Hope you stick around. Check out the links I have for some other cool Nats blogs.

8:06 AM  

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