Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oh Captain, My Captain

Well, in the midst of all the stadium madness, which other Nat bloggers have been chronicling dutifully, the Nats signed Frank Robinson for another year as manager. Also coming back are bench coach Eddie Rodriguez and pitching coach Randy St. Claire. I'm particularly happy that St. Claire is returning.

And despite the criticism that Frank gets from all corners of the Natosphere (including from myself), I am glad Frank will be back, at least for 2006.

There's no doubt in most people's minds that Frank is not the best manager in baseball, or even an ideal one. He's obsessed with the sacrifice bunt and the hit and run. He trades pitchers who show him up. He's unaware that the double-switch even exists. He's mean, cranky and curmudgeonly.

But in an off-season of uncertainty, there's something to be said for the status quo, even if it is crusty ol' Frank Robinson. We have no owner, a GM who makes trades for poop and giggles, and a stadium deal that could be in trouble. We just created a "second base" controversy by trading one of the area's favorite players.

The Nats need some stability somewhere. This is already Frank's team. The players, at least those who were around in 2005, already know Frank and what he expects. Recently signed Robert Fick is excited to play for him. Throwing a new manager in the already muddled situation would make things worse.

It's not like Frank is all bad, either. I don't think I ever loved the guy more watching him throw himself at Mike Scioscia in the Pine Tar game. Bad hip and all, he went out there and stood up for his team, possibly providing the inspiration for a comeback victory.

Frank makes plenty of poor managerial decisions. He's a crusty ol' curmudgeon. But he's the captain of the ship, and it's the right move to bring him back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Rocket. Say what you will good or bad about Frank but the fact remains that he is our Frank. Guillen plays for him and Soriano will too...or else!


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