Friday, November 18, 2005

National Disgrace

Supreme Emperor Selig

As chronicled in my last post and in many other fine blog posts (some of which are linked in my previous post), Supreme Dark Lord Selig refuses to set a timetable for selling the Washington Nationals franchise to an independent owner. As we all know, this severely handicaps the ability of the Nats to compete, especially since the free agency period is in full swing.

So the Natosphere, especially the jockjaws at Yuda's, have decided to try to make a statement. We're going to Google-bomb the Dark Lord.

What's Google-bombing? Well, this Wikipedia article explains the basics. It's a way of manipulating Google's search engine results in order to make an ironic or funny statement.

For example, google the phrase "miserable failure." The first search result is the White House biography of President Bush. No matter what you think of POTUS, this is a neat trick of political satire.

Our chosen phrase for Bud Selig is "National Disgrace." The page we want to link to is here, which is Selig's official bio on

To join the google-bombing, create a link with the words National Disgrace, that directs towards Selig's bio.

Like this:

National Disgrace

If this is repeated enough times on unique webpages, such as blogs, message boards or personal webpages, the google-bombing will be successful.

As you can see, National Disgrace is a popular search term on Google. It will take a TON of links to get to the top spot.

Now get moving! Let's make a statement on Selig's reluctance to free the Nats from the death-grip of his liver-spotted hands.

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