Thursday, August 25, 2005

Red Glove of Courage*

* with apologies to BallWonk

Nats 5, Reds 3

You can't help but like a guy like John Patterson. A guy who looks more like Lurch than a major league pitcher, he's become the Nats ace, someone from which you can expect a stellar effort.

He did it again last night, but by his own admission, he nearly cracked under the pressure. His escape routine in the seventh inning was a thing of beauty, getting out of a bases-loaded no out jam. He pumped his fist emphatically as he ran back to the dugout.

And know what I like best about it all? He wanted more. After getting the hook in the ninth inning, he sat in the dugout looking almost pissed as Chief nailed down the game. At first I wanted to scream at him (Look happy! Your team won!). But I realized that he was just mad he couldn't do more. I like that.

And the Nats won a game they had to win. From here on out, they have to win series. No two ways about it. A loss last night would have sealed a series defeat vs. the Reds, something they can not afford. It was encouraging to see them win on the backs of JP's arm and Guillen, Schneider and Vinny's bats.

It's not over yet. I never thought I'd see the day, but even Mike Wilbon is optomistic.


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Wilbon with a Nats column? That's like the 6th out of 7 signs!

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