Thursday, August 11, 2005

Opportunity Lost

Houston 7, Washington 6

So much for momentum. After winning the first game of the series, last night was an opportunity to pull into a wild card tie with one of our best pitchers on the mound.

But Livan was not good, giving up seven runs in six innings. He didn't have much of anything on the mound tonight. He didn't put much of anything behind his pitches; perhaps his knee injury was finally catching up to him.

He tried to do it with the bat though, driving in three runs with a double and a homer. But it wasn't enough. In the sixth, when the Astros broke it open, Livan chose to intentionally walk Berkman to load the bases in order to pitch to Ensberg. Bad move, as Ensberg got a hit to drive in more run, making the score 7-4.

The Nats mustered two runs off Brad Lidge in the ninth, but it wasn't enough. Frank sent gimpy Jose up to pinch hit for Free Swingy McGee Preston Wilson. But Guillen whiffed, stranding the winning runs on base.

So the Nats are now two games out of the Wild Card lead. They fell to six and half games out of first place in the division and are now tied for third. Only one game is between them and last place. All of a sudden, I'm very, very tired.


So it looks like Brandon Watson may stay in the lineup once Guillen returns. That probably pushes Preston Wilson to the bench. [sarcasm] He's done a fine job, eh? Good thing we acquired him. [/sarcasm] I've said it before, and I'm not the only one - but I'm pissed about Bowden's hard-on for outfielders. Our biggest trading chip, Zach Day, was traded for a guy that's stunk up the place, even though Bowden has said "pitching, pitching, pitching" was our biggest need. But then he lets Sunny Kim, our only long relief option, get away so he can give OF Matt Cepicky less than a week as a pinch hitter in the bigs. (While meantime, former Rookie of the Year candidate Ryan Church was standing in the corner of the dugout, trying to get someone's attention)

Do you even know what you're doing, Bowden? Can you think two moves ahead? It's ok, you can admit it. Frankly, you'd feel more at home going back to the idiots on "Cold Pizza."


Blogger El Gran Color Naranja said...

Even losing tonight, I'm still ok, but that pretty much means we need to sweep the Rockies or have a winning record against the Mets and Phils to close out the series. Both of which I don't see happening. Still we could surprise tonight then we're all back on top of the rollercoaster.

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