Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I thought wins were only true in fairy tales...

Nats 3, Bums 1

Whenever I go to RFK, my emotions become heightened. A loss crushes me, and a win sends me home floating on air. My feet (and wheels) barely touched the ground after the game tonight.

In the early part of the season, Frank Robinson and other veterans of RFK said that balls would carry once the weather turned humid. Well, tonight was freakin unbearable, and all the game's runs were scored on homers. Not to mention that the Dodgers hit four last night. Has the prediction finally come true?

Armas was adequate. He allowed a dinger to Milton Bradley, but that was pretty much it. He threw way too many pitches though, and had to be pulled after 5 innings. The relievers were outstanding, especially Ayala and Majewski.

Preston Wilson and Nick Johnson hit monster shots to center field to account for the Nationals runs. Wilson had been anemic at the plate, but he looked good tonight with a double to add to his dinger. I'll overlook his pickoff, at least for now. Good ol' Nick Johnson did his part, dropping his bomb over the Chevy sign in right-center.

It was nice to see the Nats score runs due to power for once! Power is a muscle the Nats haven't flexed much this year. But tonight, the home runs brought RFK to life, which was a great feeling after the horrendous month we've endured.

Once Chad Cordero nailed down his 36th save, the PA system played "I'm A Believer" by the Monkees. It perfectly captured the mood as the Nats celebrated the win on the field. The fans applauded the Nationals as they came off the field. Frank and Schneider were among those acknowledging the crowd. Who knows how the season will end, but for one night all was well with the Nats faithful.


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