Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Curse of Jim Bowden

Redlegs 6, Nationals 2

Jim Bowden's new team is 0-4 against his old team. Cincinnati must be enjoying its dominance of their former crappy GM. No wonder JimBo is trying to bring the whole organization to Washington.

The Nats simply have to do better than this. Two runs on four hits against a mediocre pitcher certainly isn't going to cut it. A starting pitcher throwing 83 mile an hour fastballs is not good enough. Fouling up the signs in a key offensive situation -- that's the kind of mistake that is not acceptable.

Things are looking bleaker now with a starting pitcher on the DL and another apparently about to join him. Armas will have an MRI today on his shoulder, which everyone could tell was hurting when he served up an 83 mph fastball to Edwin Encarnacion, who parked it deep into left field. I swear, the guy is made of papier-mache. He may join Drese on the disabled list.

Not that losing Drese and Armas are huge losses in the talent department, but this puts us in a huge bind, at least depth-wise. We've either traded or released all of our starting pitcher depth. Even if you stipulate that trading away Zach Day and Tomo Ohka were good deals, it sure would be nice to have Claudio Vargas or Sunny Kim right now -- both of whom were given away for nothing.

Washington is tied for fourth place in the division and two games back in the wild card. If they even want to sniff the post-season, the Nationals have to start winning -- now. It only gets harder from here on out.

Said Jose Vidro: "It's time for somebody to get up.... The whole ballclub needs to show that it wants it. Right now, it doesn't look it."


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