Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bent, But Not Broken

Phils 4, Nats 3

This was a game that would have been a huge, huge win. We would have moved into a tie for first in the Wild Card and also into a prime position to take 3 of 4 from the Phillies going into todays doubleheader.

And it's a game we should have won. Failure to score a runner from third base with less than two outs -- which happened in the seventh -- is just not acceptable for a team in a playoff race.

Yet it's not a killer, despite the fact it would have been a huge win. We lost a game to the Braves, but Philly leapfrogging us is all that happened in the Wild Card race; we're still a half-game out. That said, it is a must to at least split the doubleheader today. A sweep would be even better.

With Guillen's single in the ninth and Preston Wilson's 10 pitch at-bat, it was another game the Nats had a shot at winning despite poor play. If they truly want to make the playoffs, the Nationals have to step up and start delivering in these situations.


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