Sunday, August 28, 2005


I have this weird memory of David Letterman on promos for his return to TV back in the early nineties. He would smile his goofy gap-toothed grin and spout a stupid one-liner. My favorite was "As always, the winner will be determined by the higher score." That cracked me up for some reason.

After a great game by Loaiza and the Nats on Friday to open a crucial series, the offensive was pathetic on Saturday and Sunday. They were shut out 6-0 in both games, managing only six hits in both games.

Guys, you gotta score if you want to win!

Now we go into division leading Atlanta for a four-game series. A split would be treading water. Three of four is a must in order to gain any ground. And of course, a sweep would be amazing.

With each series loss, it gets harder and harder to imagine the Nats in the playoffs. It can be done though, as we play most of our remaining games against the teams ahead of us. We just need to actually score a run or two.


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