Saturday, July 09, 2005

What Goes Around...

Phils 1, Nats 0

Yesterday, the Nationals scratched out a win in a sloppy, slugfest - a game we almost never win.

Today, the Nats played a mirror image of the May 18th game, a 1-0 win over the Brewers in which both starter pitched brilliantly, and the home team scratched out a single run in the bottom of the ninth.

Unfortunately, the Nats were on the short end of the deal today. John Patterson was outstanding, striking out eight over seven innings of two-hit shutout ball. Cory Lidle was equally as impressive for the Phils, allowing only five hits to Washington, who only got one runner to second base - and that was on a wild pitch.

Hector Carrasco held the Phils at bay in the eighth, but allowed two hits in the ninth. Frank ordered an intentional walk to load the bases with one out and set up the double-play possibility. David Bell came up for the Phils and fought off three 1-2 pitches. The fourth 1-2 pitch was a decent one, but Bell got under it and lifted it to left for a game winning sac fly.

There's not much you can say, really. Patterson pitched brilliantly, but the offense took the night off. In a game like that, there's no margin for error, and the Phillies pushed one run across. And that's the ballgame.


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I see you are in publishing. Explains why your post-games are so damn good.

Thanks for the site. I'm linking to it from mine, not that I get much traffic.



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