Thursday, July 07, 2005


Mets 3, Nats 2 - 11 innings

You know what? I'm not ashamed to say I'm f---ing embarrassed right now. This Washington team has put on such a pathetic offensive display in this series against the Mets. Actually, it's the damn Mets who should be embarrassed that they didn't sweep! I don't know how we ever won a single game in the series.

And you know what cost Washington at least one of the games? Lineup construction! Frank, I know you're a hall of famer, but why in the name of Abner Doubleday would you put Baerga/Wil Cordero at cleanup? Put Vinny there. Put Guillen there. Hell, even put Schneider or Byrd there. But don't put those two there, especially Cordero. This guy is so bad that his supposed "hot streak" didn't even get him close to a .200 batting average. And you're batting him cleanup? On what f---ing planet is your mind, Frank? If they must be in the lineup, sixth is the highest they should hit.

This should be your biggest clue, Frank. On two successive nights, the Mets walked the number three hitter intentionally to load the bases so they could face the pathetic cleanup hitter. Both times there were two outs, so it had nothing to do with a double play. That should be like a giant f---ing brick in the face, Frank, THEY SUCK!

Of course, there are still lots of different ways we could have and should have won a few of those games. But it's so blindingly infuriating when something so basic is screwed up.

After getting swept by the lowly Reds, Frank said, in his defense, "All I can do is make out a lineup, and hopefully go out and perform. We're not performing, right now, at any level."

Well this week, Frank, the players didn't perform. But you sure has hell didn't make out a lineup that belonged on a Major League field.


Anonymous MikeMidd said...

Agreed completely. It's not all Frank's fault, but the lineup was a disaster and there's no excuse.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok smart guys...the double play that scored the winning run for the Mets. Was that a base hit into an inning ending double play with an RBI? OR was it an inning ending double play with an RBI? OR OR OR??? It's screwing with my head! ;)

At any rate, Carrol and Schneider are studs. That incredible defensive play gave us a chance to win this game in spite of the line up. Sadly, there are some mountains too high...ugh

8:15 PM  
Blogger El Gran Color Naranja said...

Wait until tomorrow when Baerga and Cordero bat 3 and 4. (don't worry Cepicky's leading off)

12:22 AM  
Blogger John IV said...

You nailed it.

The lineup was a joke. the kind of joke that nobody laughs at until 30 minutes after they leave the comedy club.

1:31 AM  

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