Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thank God I Live In The World Of Zinc

So how'd the Nats do? Bang! Zoom!

Seriously, it was an interesting two days. Tuesday, I had a really good day. I honestly didn't worry about the Nats, and for someone who takes this all way too seriously, it was a welcome break. I read and watched regular tv; it was a nice evening. I checked the internet before bed and found out we won. Tuesday was a good day.

It was real hard to stay away yesterday. I'll admit to checking a lot of blogs/message boards, even reading Svrluga's chat. I was able to stay away from the game, although I worried about it the whole evening. Turns out we lost what seems to have been a painful one. And ¡Livan! may be lost for the year. ¡Not good!

And apparently he's pissed at someone in the organization. If he quits out of spite for someone or something, then I may have to take another hiatus to calm my rage. If he is, in fact, done - it makes you wish that you still had Zach Day, eh?

I guess the moral of the story is, the less I worry, the better the Nats do. I'll be there tonight, though. Maybe I should drink heavily so I don't worry too much.


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