Monday, July 25, 2005

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"We should win by simple execution," [Nationals hitting coach Tom] McCraw said. "Not home runs. Just base hits, contact. Read the situation. When I walk to home plate and I got a man on third base, I'm not thinking home run. I'm just thinking good solid contact. I shouldn't be jumping or check-swinging, I'm looking for a ball I need to hit."


Anonymous Super Nats Fan said...

The Atlanta game is one tonight, and I can't watch it.

And we all know whose fault that is: Comcast, Cox and Angelos.

But finally there's a grassroots group that's going to stick it to Comcast, Cox and Angelos.

But to be successful, they need our help.

Check out and make sure to sign up.

If enough people sign up, it will send a powerful message to Comcast, Cox and Angelos, and we might finally get ALL of the Nats on television.

We've got to put some pressure on. And the only way to apply pressure is to speak out. And the best way to speak out is through

(And just to prove that the group is legitimate, look for their ad in the July 29 edition of Roll Call or the August 5 edition of the City Paper. More ads will follow.)

Seriously. Take a minute. Visit and sign up now!

7:02 PM  

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