Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Free Fallen

You know, we lost another one run game tonight. And of course, I'm crushed. Why do I care so much?

Guzman sucks so bad. He's not the entire reason we lost, but the dude doesn't deserve to start even at AAA. He just flat out SUCKS right now. He's awful at the plate. He half-asses it in the field. Why is he even wasting a roster spot?

If he catches the ball on Schneider's throw to second to try to catch Chipper Jones stealing, then Chipper is out by a mile. Inning over - end of threat. Instead, the jerkoff drops the throw and Chipper eventually comes around to score.

Join Chris Needham, myself and the rest of the disillusioned Nats fans on the Wilson Bridge as we try to convince ourselves not to jump.

Maybe we'll take up a collection to try to fund the rest of Guzman's contract so the rat bastard can be released. I'm in for a hundred.


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