Monday, June 27, 2005

This must be what it's like to have kids...

I had such a busy weekend. The future Mrs. Rocket1124 was in town, and we were up around 8 am every day this weekend in order to run errands. Friday after I got home from work, we spent five hours at the mall finishing up our wedding registry. Saturday, we drove all over creation looking for an apartment. We also went to the jewelry store. Sunday, we were up early in order to meet her sister at RFK.

Finally, something worth waking up for. But I was so damn tired, I barely paid attention to the game. I did, however, pay close enough attention to notice that Tony Armas is frustratingly worthless. I mean, I thought the guy was about to turn a corner. He pitched 4 1/3 innings of no-hit ball, marred only by an unearned run due to an error from P.B. Bennett. Then he hangs a pitch to Hudson, who drills into the bullpen. TA2 then proceeded to load the bases and hang another pitch to Hillenbrand, who drove in two more. Bah.

The Nats did tie it, thanks to Nick Johnson bruising his heel because of that jerk Zaun guarding the plate even though he had no play. Hopefully Nick's alright. We can't afford to lose him for an extended period of time.

The bullpen is definitely overworked, and it showed. Ayala gave up another home run to Hudson in the eighth, which was effectively the difference. Ayala has done relatively well, by and large, but he just seems tired. Maybe that one's on the starting pitching. The back of the rotation never eats as many innings as they should, but in the first two games of the series even ¡Livan! and Loaiza didn't go as long as they're usually capable of.

A side note: I was disappointed with a turnout of 33K and change yesterday. Maybe it was too hot or people had plans, but after a 39K crowd on Saturday, I thought we'd crack 40K on Sunday.

In the end, I'll always take a series win, no matter what.


Anonymous Shawn said...

I was a little disappointed with the turnout on Sunday too, but after sitting in the sun for five innings I can't blame anyone for not wanting to suffer through it. It was pretty brutal. I took refuge under the upper deck canopy for the rest of the game.

4:46 PM  
Blogger DM said...

"This must be what it's like to have kids ..."

Close, except replace the Nats game on Sunday with more errands/stuff to do, and add in a lot more fun on all three days.

7:40 AM  

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