Sunday, June 05, 2005


Nats 6, Fish 3

If someone said the Nationals would be in first place in the NL East a week after Memorial Day, most rational people would have called you nuts.

But I get the feeling the members of this team wouldn't have called you nuts.

Off the road trip from hell, the Nats came home to RFK to face the two best teams in the division. It wasn't always pretty, but after winning 3 of 4 from the Braves and sweeping the Marlins, the Nats are now the best team in the division! Don't give this team an opening, because they will burn you.

It was a tough game today. John Patterson was very good, but A.J. Burnett was even better. He had his breaking stuff working, which made his 95+ mph fastball nearly impossible to hit.

But Burnett gave us an opening. He got wild in the seventh inning, walking Church. Schneider singled him to second, then Tony Blanco - starting because Guillen had a sore hand - drove in Church. Guillen pinch-hit for Guzzy and singled to load the bases. Baerga hit for the pitcher and took one from the team. He got hit on the knee, driving in a run. Byrd following with a sac fly to put the Nats ahead.

The Marlins tied it in the top of the eighth, but our boy Ryan "Patches" Church absolutely drilled a pitch from left-handed pitcher Matt Perisho into the bullpen for a game winning 3 run dinger. Who says Patches can't hit lefties?!

"Pops" Guillen fulfilled his role as clubhouse clown, giving Patches a plateful of shaving cream during his postgame interview. I love these guys!

Who says he can't hit lefties?!

Give the Nats an opening, and they're going to beat you.

We finally might be getting the national exposure we deserve. Here's the front page of this evening:

Image hosted by

I fully expect some love from Baseball Tonight before the 8 pm game! Go Nats!


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My wife and I saw the pie thing happened. In a classic Sinbad "Men be different from women" moment, I laughed uproariously while she got all concerned that it was some out of control fan.

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