Thursday, June 16, 2005

Shifting Perceptions

Washington Nationals 1, Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim Orange Co. 0

After Tuesday night's game and the pine-tar glove incident, many Washington fans have come to realize the extent of Frank Robinson's leadership skills. He may make some dopey moves, but Frank is a master button busher - nearly everyone will agree on that. Just look at St. Barry's profile of Frankie or Boz's love fest for the old skipper. Point is, several weeks ago, many were calling for Frank's head. Now, some realize he is a master leader.

Should we also reconsider our negative perceptions of Jim Bowden, the MLB appointed GM of this team? After last night's performance by Ryan Drese, we should definitely think about it. Drese, who was a key signing off waivers, is the linch-pin to the Ohka-Spivey deal. Without Drese to replace Ohka in the rotation, the trade with Milwaukee makes very little sense.

I was optomistically lukewarm on the deal, and I was one of the more positive bloggers on this situation. Spivey has already made a difference for the Nats, hitting a key homerun over the weekend and making many fine defensive plays. Drese was the only question mark. But last night he slammed the door on one of the best offenses in the American League.

His 8 innings of 2-hit shutout ball doesn't by any means prove that Bowden is a genius. Drese could still tank in his next start. (And Ohka did throw a complete game shutout Tuesday) But Drese showed a lot of confidence and ability on the mound last night, which exhibits the potential that he does have.

There's still a long way to go. But if Drese can keep pitching to his ability, and Spivey keeps making great plays at second, we may have to reconsider our opinions of Jim Bowden as well.


Blogger El Gran Color Naranja said...

I have this feeling I'm going to be alone on Frank for several months. The guy continually ends his managing reigns with some viciously bad records and then there's last year, tough on anyone but I'd expect more from a "master leader". Maybe he pulled it all together over the offseason. It'll have to be proven to me over the course of 2-3 years though.

So lonely.

Bowden...well Drese pitched better than I thought. Right now his good moves have been slightly better than his poor ones. Better are the moves he couldn't make because of injury. In the end, I think if Vinny and Esteban don't crash in part two of the season (which Vinny already is), he'll end up with pretty high marks for the year.

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