Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes...


Well, I'm late to comment about last night's game. I overslept after the adrenaline rush of beating the snot out of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/Orange County/California/USA/Earth. Needless to say, my boss (whom I always tease about showing up late for work) was loving the irony of me rolling in late.

I'm going to bullet point my response to last night, since many people have already commented and I'm sure you've read them already.
  • I don't give crap why Donnelly had pine tar in his glove. Rule 8.02b says that's cheating. End of discussion.
  • Mike Sciosciasciaosicaioscia had no basis to feel wronged. Your pitcher was caught cheating. Mouthing off about it is uncalled for. The Angels are not the victim.
  • Say what you want about Frank's gameday managing. He's a master leader of men. I have no doubt that every guy on that team, especially Guillen, would lay down in traffic for Frankie.
  • Guillen proves every day why he's one of my favorites. "He was disrespecting my manager" was the reason he gave for going batshit last night. You have to admire that devotion in anyone.
  • And then "Pops" calms down just long enough to focus and drill a laser beam home run to tie the game. After the pine tar glove incident, I never had any doubt we were going to win.
  • To those who say checking the glove was bush league: BULL ... SHIT! Donnelly was caught cheating. When I disagree with people, I can usually understand their arguments. Claiming that getting caught cheating is bush league, I just don't get it.
  • Needless to say, there's the strong possibility that Guillen gets drilled tonight. In the words of our presidential candidates: Bring. It. On. You will get yours in return.


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