Saturday, June 18, 2005

Rangers are good, damn good

Rangers 7, Nationals 4

Not much to say about this one. I mean, there's not much room for error when it comes to the Nationals to begin with. But when you're facing an offense like Texas', you have to be almost perfect. And Tony Armas was anything but.

Just like Patterson, it was almost like TA2 made too many good pitches. (EDIT: As Chris made me realize, "good pitches" is the wrong way to put it. More accurately, it was too many fastballs over the plate.) Good major league hitters, like the Rangers, are going to smack around pitches that are consistently over the plate. Armas doesn't have a good off-speed pitch, and he left too many fastballs over the plate. Texas hammered him for 4 home runs in the first 2 innings. That was your ballgame right there.

I give Frank a lot of credit for letting TA2 pitch himself through it all, however. Armas settled down, and pitched adequately through the next three innings. That can only help him in the future; I'm sure leaving the game with a not-so-bitter taste in his mouth will help him next time out.

An aside: it looks Guzzy might be waking up. Two long HRs in the last two games. Good for him. That can only help the team.

And kudos to Ryan "Patches" Church as well. He was 3-4 tonight with two home runs. I know C.J. Wilson is pitching for the Rangers tomorrow, and he's a lefty. But PLEASE, Frank. Let Church DH tomorrow. Wil Cordero is useless, and Churchy is having himself a year. Please.

All that said, the Nationals are a decent team. But they're not a great team. If they're going to compete, they don't have that much room for error. And a good team like Texas is going to take advantage of any chance you give them.


Blogger Chris Needham said...

It's not that he's throwing too many 'good' pitches, it's that his stuff isn't good enough to blow by hitters, and he pitches as if he's a power pitcher.

I think I blogged about this after his last start, but if you watch him, he gives up a TON of foul balls. Even when he's on, they're getting pieces of his stuff.

So, if he's not on on a particular day, or if he throws a pitch up there with less than everything on it, he gets ripped.

He's got a VERY fine line between success and failure.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Rocket1124 said...

I think I used the wrong word when saying good pitches. I probably should have said something like "batting practice pitches" or something like that. I should have said "fastballs over the plate."

The man doesn't have a reliable offspeed breaking pitch. You're right, he does pitch like a power pitcher, but he doesn't have much other choice - except for maybe trying to locate better.

2:00 PM  

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