Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Keep it rollin

Nats 7, Bucs 4

I'm not sure I like the way my attitude toward this team has evolved. I still love them to death, but I'm not as excited by success as I used to be. I expect it now. And I'm crushed by failure or ineffectiveness.

First inning. Guillen drills a home run to center field. 1-0, Nats. Excellent.

Bottom of the first. Three Pirate singles tie the game. 1-1. DAMMIT!

Even success from Cristian Guzman doesn't faze me anymore. When he doubled in two runs in the top of the second, the most emotion I showed was a fist pump.

We never relinquished that lead. The most excited I got after that was when Vinny's error nearly led to a Pittsburgh big inning in the seventh.

I think the lack of emotion over day-to-day success is a good thing. In a 162 game season, too much emotion over every pitch might literally kill you. Rather, calm measured reactions are how you keep a level head. It's a sign that we're in it for the long haul. It says the team is firmly entrenched in our hearts.


Blogger D said...

What? No Senor Nasty for The Guz? Lemme guess, you woke up in the morning, and suddenly Guz wasn't the hot date he was when you were under the influence.

5:14 PM  

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