Wednesday, June 01, 2005

In this town, your luck can change that quickly

Braves 5, Nats 4

So far this year, the trend for the Nats went like this. Struggle to score runs early in the game. If the starting pitcher pitches well enough to keep the Nats in the game, they might scratch out a few runs. Then the bullpen takes over and slams the door, and the Nats maybe win by one or two runs.

Tonight, Nick Johnson and Ryan Church led the way offensively, putting 3 runs on the board in the second inning. Armas pitches well enough to keep the lead.

Seventh inning, leading 4-2, Carrasco comes in and breezes through the inning for the Nats. Hector gets the first two hitters of the eighth, but loses Langerhans when he doubled with two strikes. Crap-hitting Wilson Betemit puts one in the Braves bullpen, just over the reach of Guillen. Tie ballgame. Franco PHs for Smoltz, singles. Orr runs for Franco and promptly steals second. Carrasco had Marcus Giles on the ropes, but he battled back to single in Orr from second. Bobby Cox made a great call sending Orr to second, enabling him to score on Giles' hit.

Just like that, the Nats' bullpen - one of the teams' saving graces this year - blew it. In fairness, the best arms in the pen were waaayy overworked the past few games. Tonight, it caught up to us.

Whaddya gonna do? Shake it off and send Loaiza out tomorrow to seal the series victory.


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