Saturday, June 18, 2005

Here's to Skip

Take a gander over to and read Peter Handrinos' column on our "semi-beloved" skipper, Frank Robinson. He captures the complicated essence of Frankie fairly well.


Here's a sample:

It’s easy to appreciate that kind of legacy, and rooting for Robinson is especially easy nowadays. Robinson’s Nationals ball club has been the surprise team of the young 2005 season, recently topping the National League East on the strength of a perfect ten winning streak. No one knows how long the Nats’ streak will last- the consensus is that they’re playing way over their modestly-talented heads- but let it be said that Washington’s reintroduction to Major League Baseball has been an especially fun and popular comeback thanks to Robbie’s roster.

Regardless of the team’s ultimate fate, however, it’s impossible not to root for the Nationals’ leader. For all his undeniable flaws, Robinson has proven himself so often on the field, has achieved so much off the field, and has embodied so many of the very best qualities of a Pastime lifer.

Ya gotta love the man. When Frank Robinson wins, baseball wins.


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