Saturday, June 18, 2005

Damn DH

Rangers 8, Nationals 1

Screw Bob Short!

I wasn't planning on posting at all this weekend, but I had some constructive thoughts on what I saw of last night's game.

Damn, those Rangers are good. As a pitcher, you really can't make any mistakes against them. John Patterson didn't pitch horrendously, but he wasn't nearly creative enough to hold the Texas offense at bay. I mean, Teixeira had like a 20-pitch at bat in the first inning. That was a sign of a rough night to come.

To oversimplify things, he threw too many fastballs near the center of the plate. I thought his curveball was working fine when he threw it, but he should have mixed it in to a greater degree. Plus, he needed to work the outer thirds of the plate better. The home plate ump was giving the outside strike rather consistently.

And we have to do better on offense, especially when playing in an American League park. We plenty of opportunities, too. We left nine guys on base. In all fairness, it was a makeshift lineup, what with Jose Guillen not feeling well and Ryan Church and Brian Schneider sitting due to the platoon. But I really don't understand what Wil Cordero is still doing in the Major Leagues. He left 4 runners in scoring position while making the third out of the inning.

No reason to panic, though. We started off the Anaheim series in a similar fashion, getting shellacked in game one. Tonight we send Tony Armas, Jr. to the hill against Ricardo Rodriguez. Can anyone get some pine tar on Rodriguez's glove before the game?


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