Friday, June 03, 2005

Check my blog links...

Many thanks to Shane of for his complimentary e-mail. He's been running his own site for quite a while now, and I just now noticed it. Check it out, if you got a second.

Us Nats Bloggers are a nutty bunch. Several of us blab all day at Yuda's open threads. Today, our good buddy "D", writer of the DCenters DC United blog, summed up the shtick of several of the Nat blogs in posts 305 and 312:

Capitol Punishment: In depth analysis of what exactly Frank did wrong most recently. Your jewish mother in law.

Nasty Nats: Gleeful homerism mixed with complete despair. Your bipolar younger sister that looks up to you.

Ball Wonk: Eloquent recaps from someone who thinks George Will is a really neat writer. Your Grandfather who read a lot of PG Wodehouse.

Beltway Boys: Good analysis of who the nats are playing combined with god-awful site design. Your cousin Dave who plays a mean guitar but still dresses in 70s prog-rock chic.

District of Baseball: Good roundups of local media coverage. Your nerdy brother that read the stock prices at age 10.

Distinguished Senators: Well reasoned analysis especially on roster and line-up moves with some humor that you can’t explain to your friends. Your cooler, smarter, anime-loving older brother who is probably a stoner.

I'm not sure I like the "younger sister" crack, but the bipolar thing is definitely true. There are plenty more good blogs that "D" didn't make fun of, too.

We're a good group, though -- drop in on the sites in my sidebar and enjoy the wackiness.


Blogger Farid said...

Ouch! God awful? Man, I spent hours creating that chic, retro 70s look with earth tones in abundance. I am from the 70s, and it wasn't so bad. All In the Family was a great show. And Nixon, ... well ... I mean, it's not like a wear my bell botoms any more .. [much]. :)
Oh, by the way, I played the drums, not the guitar. And as for the "boldness" of the design, guys my age need BRIGHT colors and BIG letters to be able to see. See?

12:20 AM  
Blogger Rocket1124 said...

Haha. Hopefully you noticed that's not my review of your blog. True, maybe your design leaves somethin to be desired, but I do enjoy your blog, Farid. ;)

I'm thrilled we got a Nats fan in Idaho. And I'm even more thrilled that there's a fellow Nats fan willing to dump the team if Soros owns them.

12:39 AM  

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