Friday, June 03, 2005

Bang! Zoom! (subtitle: Un-beee-leeee-vable!)

Nats 3, Fish 2 (11 inn.)

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(This post titled with apologies to Charlie Slowes.)

Even though I truly believe in most of the clichés surrounding this club, (i.e. gritty, scrappy, never-say-die) I do my best to avoid using them in my posts. It's just not creative. (Not like anything I write is actually creative.)

It's just so true, though, that this team is scrappy, gritty, etc. They have absolutely NO business winning this often. Don't get me wrong, they're a good team. At full strength, they could reasonably be expected to win about 75-80 games. Add the distractions of no ownership, all the injuries -- no one would blame this team for going under. But they don't care. I truly believe these guys just love playing baseball.

Even though I was an awful baseball player in my day, my favorite part of the game was the bench/clubhouse. I loved being on a team. I didn't contribute on the field at all, so I tried to be a force in the clubhouse.

I get the feeling I'd love to be part of the Nats clubhouse. I think they really enjoy each other. And even though trading away a guy or two might be in the best interests of the franchise long-term, I'm paranoid to mess with chemistry!

There was no real turning point in this game, no key event. It was just a grind it out win. ¡Livan! is a horse. He didn't have his best stuff (neither did Beckett for that matter) but look at the man's pitching line: 9 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 5 BB, 3 K and listen to this -- 150 pitches! According to ESPN, that's the most pitches in one game by a single pitcher in five years.

He's the primary star of this game, based on 150 pitches alone. The original Señor Nasty, Nick Johnson get props too, tripling in the games first run and working a walk in the 11th to keep the rally going.

We're a half game back from first place. I like our chances tomorrow if Ohka can pitch solidly.


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