Wednesday, May 04, 2005

You may hit like Mays, but you run like sh....

but you run like shit!

This close! Any reasonable prognosticator would have expected the Nats to open the season at 14-13, at best. That's where we are right now, and I'm pleased that we're holding our own. But the Nats are a stupid screw-up, a bad break or a weak effort from being 19-8 instead.

Last night was one of those games and it's so damn infuriating. First of all, Zach Day was not good last night. Two runs in 3 and 2/3 innings is not horrendous, but he just couldn't find the plate last night and was real lucky to only be responsible for 2 runs. He walked too many hitters, and fell behind others, allowing them to get a good pitch to hit. I think it's very possible that he has a serious confidence problem and needs to start trusting in his stuff and challenging hitters. Moving him to the pen is not an option, since he almost always starts slowly. You can't have a reliever who takes 15 pitches to find a groove.

Then there's the damn baserunning. Guillen made an early bid to be player of the game, doubling to lead off the second and eventually scoring. He led off the fourth with another double, but stupidly took off for third when Castilla hit a chopper to third. He was tagged out. Of course, Schneider gets a hit, which should have scored a run.

In the seventh inning, it looked like we were starting to work our late-game magic. Schneider walks. Guzman singles. Baerga pinch-hits and a singles. But good ol' Guzzy rounds second too far and gets nailed by Bradley. Only one-out, but it's a momentum killer. Thing is, I blame Schneides for this one. Apparently he was being waved home to score, but held up at third. Guzman should have been paying attention and been more careful, but Schneides could have and probably should have scored. Who knows how many runs that gaffe cost.

Day, Guillen and Guzman all made attempts to win the "worst player of the game" award - or what a certain blogger would call the Lame Duck - but I have to concur that this one goes to Schneides. The Guzman out is his fault, he couldn't handle the ball on the play at the plate in the 5th, and he swung at ball four with two men on in the 8th. That's as many as three runs that may have been lost.


-Brad Wilkerson needs a day off. He's getting some ugly ass swings out there.
-But then who do we put in center? Inning-Endy Chavez? He showed how useful he was, grounding into the DP in the ninth inning.
-St. Barry of Viera chats today at 2 pm. Maybe he can shed some light onto why we run like sh!t. (Yes, I know the Major League quote is "Run like Hayes, hit like shit," but that doesn't exactly fit here, does it?)


Blogger Yuda said...

Hrm. Could we be 19-8? I've got three games that come to mind that this team should have won (not could have, mind you -- we could win almost any game).

* Guzman 9th inning throwing error vs. Braves in the mud puddle
* Wasting Loaiza's 8-inning, 11-strikeout performance by sending him out in the 9th in that day game against the Phils
* Last night

What am I missing?

10:19 AM  
Blogger Rocket1124 said...

If you stretch it a little from the "should have won" into a bit more of the "could have won" realm, you can include two more, I think. I'm going with Sunday too - sending out Ayala for the ninth was stupid - Guzman stealing third was stupid - Wilkerson throwing to wrong base on sac fly was stupid.

Also, 4/25 against Philly - Guzman and Vidro both make errors that lead to runs - we lose 5-4.

A bit of a stretch to say we should have won all 5 - but a few little things made the difference in these - it wasn't for lack of opportunity that we lost.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Yuda said...

Well, ultimately that's often the difference between a good team and a mediocre one: doing the little things right.

12:01 PM  

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