Thursday, May 19, 2005

A win is a win is a win...

Nats 3, BrewCrew 2

Here Comes Cuz!

Sounds like a fairly non-descript game at RFK this afternoon. I won't say boring, since the Nats definitely found a way to make it exciting as Cordero walked two hitters in the ninth.

But it was a type of game that all too often has gone against the Nats this year. Six hits and three runs -- the game winner scoring on a passed ball -- is all Washington could muster today. Four different Nats also struck out twice. Not a god-awful performance, but often that's not enough to win.

I'm still not at all happy about how Washington hitters approach their at-bats. With runners on second and third, two outs in the eighth, good ol' Guzzy hacks at the first pitch! COME ON! Once and for all, here's the rule:

Rule 6.05 - A batter is out when ... (b) A third strike is legally caught by the catcher....

Know what that means guys?! You get THREE strikes before you are called out! Please, for the love of Hondo, USE THEM!

In the big picture, though. I'm satisfied. Today and last night we won games that very well could have been losses. That's nothing to sneeze at. A record of 23-18 is great, really great. As of right now, we're a half game out of first place. Go Nats!

Vargas gets the start tomorrow in Toronto. I'm going to be watching closely; he needs to rebound nicely or get used to the taste of jambalaya. Nothing against Cajun food, which I love, but I hope he chooses to pitch well!


Anonymous todd said...

What's worse than starting a guy who just got shelled? Starting him on two days rest.

But maybe we'll muster some run support tommorow with Lilly pitching (he's got a 10 spot in the ERA column).

5:58 PM  

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