Friday, May 20, 2005

Tough Losses and Crazy Men

Although Boswell rarely, if ever, brings his "A game" to the weekly chats, he did say a few things today that heartened me.

"I was the only reporter in the locker room after last Friday's [6-3] loss [to the Cubs]. Man, do these guys hate to lose. I've seen MANY contending teams that didn't take a defeat this hard in August/September. They'd just lost three straight close games and were collectively furious __guys just sitting at their lockers, glaring a hole in the wall, for minute after minute."
If you read my post after Friday's game, you'll get a sense of how heartbreaking and infuriating this loss was for me. For some reason, it makes me feel a lot better that the team cares just as much, if not more.

In other news, our boy Joey "Suck On It And Like It" Eischen is already back with the team.

"Eischen is already back in the clubhouse. He will set the world record for Crazy Man Recovering from Broken Arm."
This can't be anything but good news. He's clearly one of the team leaders and a guy who keeps things light in the clubhouse. Plus, he's a left-handed pitcher!

Some might discount the effect of clubhouse chemistry upon a team. But I truly do believe that collectively shared tough experiences as the Expos have made that Nats a tight group. Add veteran leaders like Guillen, Castilla and Loaiza, and you have a real great group. It's debatable how much this matters in the win-loss column. Of course, the games still have to be played. But a great clubhouse only helps the Nats struggle through adversity and injuries -- something they've done well so far this year.


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