Monday, May 09, 2005

OK, I'm officially pissed.

Maybe this is old news to people, but I just checked the Nationals' blackout list. Previously, it had said "no blackouts announced" or something to that effect... I was able to get every Nats game via the computer.

But I checked today and a rather extensive list of blacked out zip codes is up. Including mine.

So let me get this straight? In the DC area, only people who can receive UPN20 can get about half the games on TV. In addition, only DirecTV customers can receive all the games.

This is such lame HORSE$#!T! This situation had long ago fallen into the horse$#!t category, but until now, I had a way to work around it for $14.95 a month. Now that's gone too.

To Bud Selig, Bob DuPuy, Peter Angelos and any other bastard responsible... I hereby award you with the coveted You Suck Big Time Patch.


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