Friday, May 20, 2005



Chris over at Capitol Punishment put up a great post about ¡Livan! last night. I think it encapsulates very well how valuable he is to this team.

He has supreme confidence in himself. He believes in himself so much, that he'll put guy on base because he knows he can the next guy out. He's confident, but he also knows the hitters and how he matches up against them.


Re-reading my post from yesterday, I think I may have been a little hard on the Nats. Sure, we didn't manage a great offensive performance. It was rather weak even. But we took advantage of the opportunities Milwaukee handed us. We caught a break when Vinny took off for home on the passed ball. He should have been out easily, but the throw got away from the pitcher who was covering the plate.

Ned Yost, the Brewers' manager sure made some curious moves this week too. Wednesday night he should have walked Castilla and pitched to Johnson - the opposite of what he did. Yesterday, he IBBed in a few questionable situations as well.

We were outscored in the series, but we won 3 of 4 games. Good, scrappy, gritty teams can do that. A sqaud without two of its biggest stars NEEDS to win games that go this way. Once some injuries heal, the Nats are capable of some special things.


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