Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kick In The Teeth

AZ 3, DC 2

Tough Luck For TA2

Well that sucked.

Armas was good, real good. After a minor hiccup in the first, he laid the hammer down through 5 innings, only throwing 62 pitches through the opening five frames. But he fell apart in the sixth, walking two and then giving up a moonshot to Glaus. There's your ballgame.

Shawn "Head Case" Estes was just as good as Armas. Frankie gives Estes the credit, but any way you slice it, Washington stranding 13 runners is what killed us. Three times we left the bases loaded. This has been our problem before - the failure to get timely hits. In our 15 losses, we've stranded a total of 110 runners. That averages out to a little over seven per game. Many of our losses have been by fairly small margins. Get a few of those 7+ runners across the plate, we might be 10 games above .500.

An aside: Frankie, why in the sweet name of Hondo do you sit Church, a guy who's 10-17 in the last few games? Don't give me that lefty-righty crap either. Like Harper at Oleanders pointed out in his brilliant post, how do you know Church can't hit lefties unless you give him a shot? And a guy who's that hot might just be able to figure out lefties! I like you, Frankie, but sometimes you drive me nuts. OK, more than just sometimes...

It just stinks big time that TA2 pitched so well and didn't win.


Anonymous Todd said...

Last night sucked, but if you can take 2 out of 3 in a majority of your series, you're in good shape. Especially in an NL where the wild card is going to be wide open for a while.

3:43 PM  
Blogger Rocket1124 said...

definitely true. still sucked to lose though

3:45 PM  

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