Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Iron Hands Baerga

Snakes 3, Nats 2


"Stay positive, Vargas pitched pretty well and we lost on a few bloop hits..."

Bah! That stunk. Very similar game to last night. BORING game and one we should have won.

Vargas, like TA2 last night, came off the DL and pitched pretty well, better than expected given the circumstances.

The offense was anemic, managing only two runs in a pretty poor performance (just like last night). Wilky was awful - looking terrible. He struck out in his first three at-bats and narrowly avoided the Golden Sombrero by popping up in at-bat number four.

I read in several places that the Nats had played errorless ball for 91 straight innings. And then what happens? With the Nats leading 1-0, the D-Backs singled the bases full with one out. Alex Cintron hit a shot to Vinny who caught it, then threw to second to try to double up the runner.

Good ol' Big Boy Baerga displayed all the fielding skills of a Little Leaguer, letting the ball clank off his glove into center field. Tying run scores.

I really want to blame Iron Hands Baerga for this loss. But he did have a hit and a run, and the error led to the first run of the game.

So Wilky gets himself a Tom Turkey (or the "White Hood" if this was pre-Civil Rights days) and becomes the scapegoat for this one.

We just really be positive. It's really damn hard though. 5-4 on a tough Western road trip is respectable - something to be proud of in fact. The four losses were all heartbreakers, however.

1) May 3rd, 4-2 Dodgers: Guillen and Guzman's dumbass baserunning cost us this one.
2) May 8th, 4-3 Giants: Stupid umps give us the royal screw job.
3) May 10th, 3-2 Dbacks: A couple walks by Armas and poor timely hitting were the difference.
4) May 11th, 3-2 Dbacks: Stupid-ass error hurt big time.

A couple breaks and some smarter play, we come back to DC with a better record.

5-4 on a road trip, 18-16 overall and our players dropping like flies with injuries - we should be pleased at what we've accomplished. And I'm trying to stay positive. It's hard though - when we should/could have gone 7-2 or 6-3 on the trip.


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