Sunday, May 08, 2005

I never like to blame the officials for a loss...

G-Men 4, Nats 3 - 13 innings

damn umps

Blaming the umps is easy. But I always say that the game should never get to the point where the umps can decide it.

But this could be as close as it gets to one you can pin on the umps. I fell asleep waiting out the original rain delay, and woke up to the replay of the ball touched by a fan. Vizquel was not even to third when the ball was touched. Correct Call: Dead ball, Vizquel stays at third. But the stupid umps let him score. Now chances are decent Vizquel scores without the interference. But I don't see how the umps can conclude that for certain when Vizquel hadn't reached third.

Add that call to a botched call at first that allowed another Giant to score - this one should have been 3-1 Nats.

But these things happen. Gotta rebound and look to the D-Backs tomorrow.

Side note: What in the sweet name of Hondo is Frankie doing sitting Church today? He's literally batting over .500 with 7 RBIs in the last two games. When a guy is hot, you stay with him. And when Inning-Endy Chavez ends an inning with the pitcher due up next inning - you double-switch him out for Church so the pitcher doesn't have to hit! Frankie - what the hell?! You were doing so well, and today you just messed it up.

Lots of stuff to complain about in this game. But big-picture wise --- we should be fairly pleased. 4-2, two thirds of the way through a western road trip. Loaiza pitched well today, despite the fact the Nats didn't pull it out. It's just real tough to stay positive when another game we damn should have won slips away.


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