Sunday, May 08, 2005


So I go away to attend the college graduation of the future Mrs. Rocket1124. And I come back to find the Nationals have exploded for 20 runs in two games! Damn!


Sounds like Ryan Church was the story in this one. Seven RBIs in seven at-bats. Not too darn bad for a guy many believed should be the next sent down to AAA New Orleans. Of course, this doesn't mean he's the new star of the team, but I don't doubt that a weekend like this will give Churchy some confidence. He seemed to freely admit that his earlier problems were mental; a matter of just getting the mechanics of his swing back in tune. I'd be sounding "band-wagonish" if I said that I always knew Churchy would come around. But I think the guy has got something. He seems like he appreciates the fans and really wants to play hard. He even drops by a fan message board on occasion.

Chris at Capitol Punishment was also away this weekend and gives his take on the weekend's happenings.

Five games into the roadtrip and we're 4-1. Nice!


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