Monday, May 23, 2005

Down by the River

Redlegs 5, Nats 3


Nothing much to say here. We didn't play well, and Eric Milton decided it was time to break out of his slump. The Nationals' hitting - or lack thereof - can do that to a lot of pitchers. It's happened before.

Loaiza didn't have his stuff today. It happens. Maybe if we'd get him some runs , things might work out a little bit better more often. Not allowing the opposing pitcher to get two hits would also help a lot!

-Why in the sweet name of Hondo is Ryan Church not playing every day? The man went 4-5 yesterday! Let me say it again - I DON'T CARE THAT HE'S LEFT-HANDED! Wilkerson and Johnson BOTH hit lefties well. It can happen! How do you know he can't hit lefties until you let him try?! Give him a shot to carry his hot streak over to lefty pitchers!
-And if you don't start him, he should be the first PH off the bench. But with two outs in the ninth and a righty in for the Reds, Frankie sends the backup catcher up to hit for the pitcher! Words can't explain how stupid that was.
-I like Frank. I like his style. I love him as a clubhouse manager, as a leader. But he just BLOWS as an in-game manager.
-"Pops" Guillen is disappointing me. He wasn't so good today at the plate. Three strikeouts. With half our team injured, he really, really, really needs to step it up. I'm sure he knows this too.
-The home plate ump was abysmal. Apparently all you need to do to get a called strike is get the ball within four feet of the plate. But he was consistently bad, so you can't blame him.

The beautiful thing about baseball is that tomorrow is another day. Another chance for Frankie to be a dumbass and sit Church against the lefty, Claussen.


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