Monday, May 30, 2005

Back on Track?

Nats 3, Braves 2

The Foul Pole
My view at RFK today, with the left field foul pole in the picture

I was out of pocket for most of Memorial Day weekend. I missed all of the Cardinals' series. From what I've heard/read, it went about as expected. St. Louis is the best team in the league, and we managed to take one of three. About the best we could probably hope for. I didn't see any of it, so I won't pretend to know what I'm talking about.

I did make it back to DC in time for today's game at RFK. How 'bout Tomo Ohka?! I had a tough view from left field, but at the beginning I thought Ohka was going to fall flat. He was throwing a ton of junk and was all over the radar gun. But me of little faith, he allows only two hits and one unearned run. Damn good stuff from the Landlord. His junk really had the Braves off-balance.

On the offensive side: Marlon Byrd, Nick Johnson and Jose Guillen are the heroes, in that order. Byrd drove in the two runs and really showed some poise at the plate. He just keeps proving that the Chavez-Byrd deal was an absolute STEAL. My hero NJ was 3-4 and scored both runs that Byrd drove in. And "Pops" Guillien is thankfully getting back on track. He had two hits and an RBI and crushed the ball in the his two flyouts.

As for Jordan's foul ball/home run in the seventh - well, I was in the upper deck in left field and didn't see it. The ball started out at least 20 feet foul at the apex of its flight. I looked down to see the ump call it foul, but I went ballistic when he pointed fair. Lucky for the Nats, the call was overturned.

The replays on MASN were, by NFL terms, "inconclusive." It was awful close. "Flip-a-coin" close. I could give you my view of what actually happened, but it would require diagrams and 3-D models. Let's just say that the Nats were on the right side of a very close call. And frankly, we deserved it after the ump blew the game on the ground rule double call in San Francisco.

All in all, Nats fans should be relieved/satisfied at this point. After a brutal road trip, we're 26-25 after the first game of a long homestand. We haven't been playing great, not by a long shot, but with a two game winning streak and the support of the home fans for the next two weeks, the Nats have a shot to pick up some ground.


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