Saturday, May 21, 2005

Anything to Declare?

Jays 7, Nats 0

Where are the bats?

Yeah, I got something to declare. We can't hit!

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We must have left our bats at customs. Sure, TA2 didn't pitch well. But we have GOT to do better than just four hits. And leaving four runners in scoring position isn't acceptable.

I didn't see much of this game. After the Jays got four runs in the first two innings, I decided to go to Sunday Mass tonight instead of tomorrow and say a few prayers for the Nats. Seriously. I guess I have to pray harder.

Ohka's got a BIG chance tomorrow to pitch himself back into the rotation and get the Nats back on track. If he can deliver, hopefully that also means Vargas will be on a plane back to New Orleans.


Blogger Patrick said...

Nice blog. At one point earlier this year, I had Wells, Rios and Hinske on my fantasy team. Dumped 'em all. I didn't know Wells usually sucked in April, otherwise I'd have kept him.

I'm a Braves fan...I'll be back from time to time. Glad I found your site. Keep up the good work.

9:34 PM  

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