Sunday, May 01, 2005

Angelos Sucks!

Mets 6, Nats 3

This kinda stinks. I missed most of this weekend due to the fact that the future Mrs. Rocket1124 was visiting. Great weekend with her - decent weekend for the Nats. Livan and Ohka got it done in the first two. Good job by both of them - both needed good efforts to get back on track.

I caught most of tonight. Again, we just can't drive in runs with guys on base! Too many of our runs over the weekend, especially Friday - came on HR's. Good stuff to hit dingers, but we need to string some hits together and drive in runs.

Petterson was bound to struggle a little bit - he wasn't going to be dominant all year. Three runs in six innings is not horrendous.

Guzman is playing better. But the fact he got gunned down trying to steal third in the seventh is inexcusable. You almost have to be completely certain of being safe if you try to steal third. It basically killed a rally.

But the suckiest part of tonight is losing Eischen for 8-12 weeks. He made a typical balls-to-the-wall effort on a chopper and landed on his wrist. Broken. Damn it!

Perhaps Angelos really is the spawn of Satan and wreaked some unholy black magic on Eischen for the "suck on it" remark.


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