Thursday, April 21, 2005

Zach Day "Headlines"

Well, Zach Day had his mojo working last night, and today there are a plethora of headlines making weak puns about his name.

Here's a sampling:

"Beautiful, Day!" - As you can see below, I went with what I thought was a semi-clever U2 reference.

"Night and Day" - Chris at Capitol Punishment goes with a standard Cole Porter reference.

"Brand New Day" - Jeff at District of Baseball goes with a very sunny and cheerful theme.

"Dawn of a New Day" - Farid at The Beltway Boys checks in with an optimistic theme.

"Zach Saves The Day" - Phil at Nationals Review can't resist the superhero pun.

"A Better Day" - The esteemed Washington Times gets the booby prize, checking in with an absolutely lame entry.

I dare say that Chris, Jeff, Farid, Phil or me would make better headline writers than the clowns at the Moonie rag!


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